“Morphology” by Charles F. Moreland III

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Crickets Intro

Charles F. Moreland III

Make You Feel Good

Charles F. Moreland III

Crickets Interlude

Charles F. Moreland III

Shades of Scarlett

Charles F. Moreland III

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When Moreland began writing what would then become “Morphology” (his debut release), he realized that it was on a different wavelength than any of his previous projects or productions. It marked a long stretch where Moreland isolated himself in the rolling hills of a rural Kentucky cabin and began writing, recording, and manipulating audio while exploring various influences and processes. The resulting tracks came out drenched in Appalachian Psychedelia, living in a space somewhere within the organic and electronic domain.   Crickets transfuse into glitching saxophones, meshing with deformed live breakbeats & sweeping upright bass, all reverberating into pads as pure as the mountain wind; and we are only describing the intro track.


Release: UTR-002

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